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Here's what parents are saying...


Grandmother of 12th Grade Student After Her First Learning Evaluation:


I’m so excited!  We just received notification that her request for ACT special accommodations has been approved.  She was approved for up to double time on each test (over multiple days).  Thanks for your help! 




Mother of 5th Grade Student Following Her Learning Evaluation and Parent Consultation: 


She is making real progress!  She made an A on her math test this week and her new tutor says she’s doing very well.  Thanks so much for your astute evaluation.  Moreover, thank you for your insightful recommendations as to treatments and therapies. They’re making all the difference, and I wanted to personally express my appreciation for the wonderful work you do.

Mother of a 6th Grade Student 9 months after the Learning Evaluation

WOW!!!!  Is this awesome or what? 9 months ago he was on 2nd grade reading level and now he has the highest grade point average in READING!!!  I'm so proud of him for all of his hard work. He doesn't know about the upcoming school assembly award and please no one spill the beans because I'm trying to think of something spectacular to do for him monday after school is dismissed. Thanks for all your support.